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Using Back Matter in your Ebooks Correctly

Today I’d like to talk about something that I don’t see talked about in too much detail on the web. It is however something that I’ve seen certain authors inquire about on the Kindleboards so I thought why not bring it up for some discussion. As you create your ebooks whether it’s meant for Kindle […]

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Experiences with KDP Select

When KDP Select first started up I remember there were authors on both fences about it. Some were ready to grab their pitchforks but yet others were willing to try it out. They didn’t necessarily see it as a bad thing. While you’re self-publishing you’ll encounter risks on a daily basis. Everything you do involves […]

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5 Tips for a Great Book Cover

5 Tips for a Great Book Cover

Self-publishing is all the rage right now. There’s no denying it. Not when we have people like EL James, John Locke, Amanda Hocking and countless others seemingly coming out of nowhere. Some authors are obviously more successful than others but looking at that list, they all had one thing in common that I can see […]

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The Launch of EnemyOne

Today’s the day, I’m happy to announce the launch of EnemyOne on the web. EnemyOne is a small press publishing company that I’ve set up to publish other writers, comic creators and well, anyone who wants to join in on the effort. EnemyOne Launch EnemyOne started as the brainchild of a bunch of young kids. […]

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