Cheap Vodka: Digital Comic Download Now available

Well, the time has finally come app store herunterladen apple.

After many false starts I’m happy to announce that you can now find my first ever art book under the Store heading up top hintergrundbilder einfarbig kostenlos herunterladen. This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for an awfully long time. Even if I sell very little I don’t really care. This one is for me and my family whatsapp images on pc. Now if I DO happen to sell a bunch well then I’ll be just as pleased but this project was a test. The digital market is growing at an exponential rate and anyone who doesn’t think so, needs to do some serious research herunterladen. Hell, I’ve read reports that say within 2-4 years, more than half of the public will do their reading on some kind of device. Working in the print industry myself both as a comic pro and a bookseller, I can believe it mahjong spielen download kostenlos. At the dayjob our own print sales are down 15% year over year. Ebooks, man. Ebooks.

But enough about that… we’ll talk about that later herunterladen.

Back to shameless self-promotion! This art book, Cheap Vodka, clocks out at 56 pages and that includes the copyright, introduction, afterword and other miscellaneous pages but I think it’s still a pretty hefty book smileys gratis herunterladen. Certainly a lot more than I thought I would have for my first book like this. The digital file is cbr format meaning you can load it up on your iPad or even view it right on your computer or any other device that takes cbr zoomen windows nederlands. I wanted to make it easily accessible to everyone and cheap. So it’s only $1.99 USD. I believe I will get to some other formats later but if there’s any format you’d like in particular drop a message below and I’ll see what I can do solitaire kostenlos herunterladen. Also, for you print lovers, have no fear I haven’t forgot about you. A printed edition is forthcoming but I’m awaiting word from the printer spiegel audio herunterladen. When it’s available I’ll drop a note and add it to the store. The printed edition will actually be magazine size. So… 8 x 10.5 inches. It looks like it’s going to retail for $5.99 USD.

Edit: A pdf version is now available as well for the same price.

Keep an eye out for more from me in the coming months. I’ve got a lot planned and a lot on the go. My first digital comic is next. Working on that right now. Also, I believe I’ll have a comic I coloured called The Urn making its premiere at Baltimore Comic Con. Will update again when I have further information.

Alright, I’m out.

Read comics, make comics. Rinse and repeat, kids.

Here’s a link to Cheap Vodka. Go buy.

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Adam got his start in comics illustrating and colouring the book Shuddertown from Image Comics/Shadowline. He’s now concentrating his efforts on self-publishing and a larger move into writing novels and helping other authors get their work published. He recently launched his first small press publishing company, EnemyOne, which was realistically over 10 years in the making. He enjoys reading comic books and in particular old, pulpy, crime novels.


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