Inspiration #2

So it’s time for another segment of Inspiration. A quick little note on an artist out there that has had an effect on me and the way I approach art.

This time it’s newcomer Jonathan Hickman herunterladen. He’s the talent behind The Nightly News, Pax Romana, Red Mass for Mars, Transhuman, etc. (The first two he both wrote, did the art chores and lettered all by himself.) Unfortunately nowadays he seems to be focusing more on the writing side as he’s done a number of smaller Marvel projects as well as Secret Warriors and soon Fantastic Four mijn defshop retoursticker downloaden.

So why don’t we begin with the image that started it all. The cover to Nightly News #1.

I saw this in Previews back when I actually bought Previews and I just didn’t know what to make of it. It’s not your typical comic book cover. It just looks different. The logo has a news van for crying out loud and it’s called The Nightly News… amazon prime gekaufte filme downloaden. ? But there’s a guy with guns screaming on it… ? But there was also some weird design shit going on.

So what the hell I ordered it and man, was I in for a shock.

Inside that book lurked some of the most beautiful stuff I had ever seen. And to top it all off, it was everything I had been trying to make into my own comics alte programme downloaden. I just wasn’t sure how the hell to do it. Well, too late, Hickman did it. What we all got was shit like this:

Most creators always tell new creators to learn the rules of comics first before you try to break them. I can understand what they’re saying but it’s instances like this and Hickman’s work that make me appreciate the medium.

Hickman basically said to hell with all that skat frei herunterladen. He (for the most part) didn’t use strict panel arrangements or borders. Nor did he use conventional lettering techniques. Sometimes he didn’t even bother with backgrounds, he just inserted a ton of design work instead. Hell, even his colouring style was unconventional.

His work doesn’t feel like your average comic lustige fotos kostenlos herunterladen. He created something unique and new. Which in my opinion is something this medium desperately needs. A breath of fresh air.

He’s had his share of misses as well. One of which being that he’s had an awful lot of ideas and plans in a such a short period of time. That meant he couldn’t do the art chores for Red Mass for Mars or Transhuman script herunterladen. During those two projects though he struggled to release Pax Romana. It was plagued by lateness and so far the trade has still not been released.

I’ll admit that Pax Romana was a departure for me. The quality of his work had gone down quite a bit zdf mediathek video. Gone (to me anyway) were the interesting panel arrangements and design work as well as interesting colour schemes. They were replaced with mostly black and white characters and an interesting watercoloured background art. So all in all it was kind of 50/50. The painterly stuff was really well done but the other stuff not so much. He also used some interesting techniques with maps and other pages to showcase long conversations with characters how to download songs from soundcloud.

Hickman is definitely a creator to keep an eye on. Although I hope he makes it back to the art side at some point in the near future. He has an eye for such great design and it’s obvious that he some really strong ideas for the medium herunterladen. I look forward to his rumored ongoing from Image Comics titled Plus with great anticipation.

And he’s a helluva nice guy! (Not just for liking my work either.)

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