After what feels like an eternity I’m happy to announce that my first published work will soon be coming out herunterladen. It’s going to be a short story in an anthology collection chock full of creators and of course, comics. (More will be said once I know dates etc.)

But that’s not all… I’ve also recently completed a cover for my friend Mike Black’s first novel bengal spiel kostenlos downloaden. It’s called Grinning White Teeth and from what I hear he’s already started on the second novel as well download cartoons for free. Hell, here’s a snapshot.

Lots of work on the go, not enough time to do it classic shell downloaden nederlands. So let’s see….

I might be colouring another artist’s work for the first time. I’ve already done a trial run but we’ll see how it turns out rechnung von amazon herunterladen. From what I hear the actual work may not commence until later in the year though.

I’ve been asked to design a website for a business… fahr simulator 2009 vollversion kostenlos downloaden.

The art book is still on the go but it’s slow goin… I think I want to include some more work in it so I’m waiting until I build up that proper material movie2k filmeen android.

I’ve got one more page to go on a short story by Steven Menszer (him again!) that I’m hoping to complete in the next week or two. And then another short after that by Mike Black that’s pretty damn cool adobe flash player kostenlosen für mozilla firefox windows 10.

And then if all goes well, the next pitch to publishers begins with Mister Foe. So pumped for that working with my man, Raph.

I don’t think I left anything out… Will try and update more with some progress shots alle filme kostenlosen.

Here, one last illo… a quickie Mister Foe piece.

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About Adam

Adam got his start in comics illustrating and colouring the book Shuddertown from Image Comics/Shadowline. He’s now concentrating his efforts on self-publishing and a larger move into writing novels and helping other authors get their work published. He recently launched his first small press publishing company, EnemyOne, which was realistically over 10 years in the making. He enjoys reading comic books and in particular old, pulpy, crime novels.


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