SEO and Self-Publishing Your Comic Book – An Intro

Over the past several months I’ve been looking at starting my own small publishing company kostenloses logo erstellen und herunterladen. I have a feeling that in its beginning stages though that it will primarily be just a brand name for my self-published ventures. I’ve longed for the day where I’m in control of every aspect of my business and in some cases this includes having the ability to sell direct to my readers traurige videos zum downloaden. This is something I would very much like to continue just as I’d also rather sell a DRM-Free digital download than one that you essentially “rent or lease” from a provider like Comixology craftbukkiten.

So as I move further into this territory I’ve been looking at my options and what I can do to help me get there. Sometimes this means looking outside the box a little familienfreigabe apps herunterladen. Just because I want to make comics doesn’t mean I have to limit myself to looking at what others are doing or how they even make their comics. I know how to make a comic mp3 player gratis herunterladen. What I need to know is how to become more business oriented.

SEO and Your Comic Book

This is where some of the new information I’ve been gathering comes into play prime video auf pc downloaden. SEO is very important for your website and establishing the groundwork for your comic or your brand name. SEO is defined as the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural,” or un-paid (“organic” or “algorithmic”), search results videoen van youtube gratis. That’s directly from Wikipedia.

I’ve been looking to start a new series of articles after completing my successful Digital Comics series adobe photoshop lightroom 6 herunterladen. That series in particular I feel was well executed and at the same time I had implemented some of the correct SEO skills while writing them. Those articles bring in the majority of my search engine traffic and it’s not stopping any time soon as more and more creators gain interest in creating digital comics pinball zum herunterladen.

For the most part comic book creators lead a very busy, hectic life complicated by dayjobs, nightjobs, family commitments and trips to several different cities every year modzilla firefox herunterladen. Not every creator is going to be the same of course but I know creators from all walks of life and one thing’s for certain: we’re busy people. We don’t have a lot of extra time to figure out how something works or how to become an accountant, lawyer, or entrepreneur overnight. This is where I’m hoping to help some of you out. Let me do some of the legwork for you as really, deep down I like helping other creators. I want us all to succeed.

So you know why I’m starting this series but now I’d like to hear from you. What can I do to help? What area/topic would you like me to cover? At this point I can’t say how long the series will be but I’m looking forward to starting it.

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About Adam

Adam got his start in comics illustrating and colouring the book Shuddertown from Image Comics/Shadowline. He’s now concentrating his efforts on self-publishing and a larger move into writing novels and helping other authors get their work published. He recently launched his first small press publishing company, EnemyOne, which was realistically over 10 years in the making. He enjoys reading comic books and in particular old, pulpy, crime novels.


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