Uow Enterprise Agreement 2018

“Progress continues. The parties agreed on the principle of the time range and penalties for professional services staff. “UOW leads a true faith with staff and their representatives, in accordance with Australian labour law, while conducting enterprise agreements that ensure that the university remains viable and sustainable in the future; Promote fair and inclusive work practices more flexible career paths for staff. “There has been agreement in principle on some issues, but not on the key issues of a salary increase for academic and professional staff and especially to deal with the astonishing number of people who work at UOW in uncertain ways,” Clarsen said. “But we don`t want to have to resort to it. We want UOW management to be in good faith with us and to listen to us and conclude these agreements. But UOW argues that these figures are a “misrepresentation of their casual staff retention statistics.” Although associate professor Georgine Clarsen, president of UOW for NTEU, said management had yet to address the high level of insecurity at the university. “It`s not about fighting for me. It`s about fighting for everyone,” he said. In a statement, UOW said it recognizes and appreciates all employees who work at the university. “Imagine how much worse it must be for people who don`t look like me?” Imagine how much worse it must be for the women who work at this university, for the people of the LGTBQ, for the blacks, for the people with the disease, for the parents? UOW staff and students, as well as NTEU, are protesting for the safety of work on campus. More to come on the illawarramercpic.twitter.com/hxg0leKZpw But the statement further stated that, while KPdSU representatives had submitted all the proposed clauses for the renegotiation of the Generalstaff Enterprise Agreement, the NTEU had further submitted “several outstanding clauses for the renegotiation of the Generalstaff Enterprise Agreement and the Academic Staff Enterprise Agreement.” “Now…. We found out yesterday that the vice-chancellor receives close to $1 million a year to work here. The precarious work at this university is a national disgrace and we are here to try to do something about it,” Rogers said.

The insecurity of work at this university is a national disgrace. New data, based on the university`s reporting to the Agency for Employment and Gender Equality, show that about three (76%) UOW employees, who take into account temporary and casual workers, are employed in precarious agreements. Read more: University of Wollongong employees protest Tuesday for job security Mark Rogers loves working at the University of Wollongong, but job security remains a real concern for the casual worker. Staff, students and community supporters gathered near the Wollongong campus to support the ongoing campaign for safe work for UOW staff. “I`m a straight white man, and it happens to me, and it makes me desperate and desperate. This is a concern at Wednesday`s community gathering organized by the National Tertiary Education Union, which was shared.

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